UAE Resident Visa

Obtaining permanent residency in the UAE means that the individual can stay in the country without any interruption. In addition, they can also travel to different nations and carry out business with no restrictions. Not only this, but it gives them a sense of security while they stay in the country. Also, they enjoy perks that no temporary citizens can enjoy. Some of them are:

Benefits of Getting UAE Resident Visa

Open a Personal bank Account

Access financial facilities. You can get a bank loan (personal or car loan)

Apply for a driving licence.

Access government health services and health insurance.

Register your children in government schools and in private schools.

Work and invest.

Travel visa–free to certain destinations.

You can sponsor your family, children or spouse.

India Process Flow:

Please note that the entire process in India typically takes 12-15 business days.

Initial Payment

To commence work, we require a 50% advance payment from the client.

Clear Passport Copy

Kindly provide a properly scanned color copy of your passport (front and back). The passport should be valid for at least 7 months. Please avoid using mobile pictures.

Digital Photo

Please provide a digital photograph as part of the process.

Labor Contract Application

Based on the provided documents, we will initiate the labor contract application process. We can specify a salary of AED 10,000 or higher.

Entry Permit Application

Once the labor contract is approved, we will proceed with the entry permit application.

Final Payment

Upon receiving the entry permit, the remaining 50% payment is required from the client.

India Process Flow:

The overall process in the UAE usually takes 8-10 business days.

Medical Application

We will handle the typing of your medical application, and you will need to undergo a medical examination.

Emirates ID Application

We will assist with the typing of the Emirates ID application, and you will be required to complete the biometrics process for Emirates ID.

Visa Stamping

After completing the medical examination and Emirates ID process, your passport will be submitted for visa stamping.