Canadian Immigration Services for Families, Individuals, Businesses & Investors.
Canada is one of the world’s preferred destinations for migrants. Canada has opened its doors to individuals with the skills and talent to give it a global edge. As one of the top immigration consultants we have the experience and credibility to help you with your Canada immigration process.


Canada offers multiple programs by which one can apply to migrate to Canada. These include:

  • Migration to Canada through Express Entry program
  • Migrate to Canada through the Quebec Selected Workers Program
  • Migrate to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program
  • Migrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur/self-employed person
  • Migration to Canada for family
  • Migrate to Canada as an Investor


Huge demand for skilled immigrant talent

Less rigorous immigration process compared to other English-speaking nations

Free healthcare and education for permanent residents

Safe, comfortable country with welcoming people

Vibrant cities that are home to migrants from multiple countries


Express Entry Program

It was the first immigration program to use skills and points to assess the eligibility of individuals wishing to migrate. The visa processing time under this Express Entry Program can extend up to six months or less.

Provincial Nominee Program

Following are the steps if you opt for the PNP to apply for your PR visa:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

This program was started with the intention to encourage more immigrants to settle in Quebec without having to face the hassle of a lengthy immigration process.
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Settle with your Family in Canada

Are you a permanent resident or citizen or work permit holder in Canada wanting to bring your dependents to Canada? According to the Government of Canada, residents above the age of 18 are eligible to sponsor dependent spouses, children, parents, partners, and grandparents to live with them in Canada. ROI India can help you reunite with your family with our dedicated Canada dependent visa services.

Invest & Settle in Canada as an Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur or investor looking to settle abroad? Canada offers both Federal and Provincial Business Class Immigration programs for candidates who are either entrepreneurs or investors. If you are willing to start a business or invest in Canada, this may be the program for you and your family to become permanent residents of Canada
The list of programs is dynamic and comes with its own set of application criteria designed for different types of applicants. ROI India helps applicants in making the right decision to migrate to Canada by helping them choose the right program and assisting them throughout their migration program. Our Immigration Consultants will help you to find the best program that suits your situation to move to Canada.

Live and work in the European Union!

The EU Blue Card is Europe’s answer to the US Green Card
The EU Blue Card is a work- and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. The European Blue Card provides comprehensive socio-economic rights and a path towards permanent residence and EU citizenship.

ROI India can assist you obtain a visa to live and work in Europe. Our team can assist you with further information on our comprehensive European Relocation Services package.
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What does getting a PR Visa mean?
It gives you the same rights and obligations as Canadian citizens. PR visa is for lifetime (as long as you accumulate 2 years of residency days in the 5-year period). You can apply for a Canadian citizenship after a period of 3 years After this, you can maintain a dual citizenship between Canada and India.



Earn in dollars.


You can enjoy the best healthcare facilities in the world.


Rated as one of the best countries in the world, Canada assures you of retirement you will enjoy.

Your family

You can sponsor your family to join you in Canada


Your kids get free education in Canadian schools. Get access to world-class colleges and universities at prices far lower than the US.


You can travel visa free to a number of countries with Canadian passport.


Best investment for your money giving better returns than gold, mutual funds, stocks or FD.

Live with freedom, work and study in any Canadian province or territory.

Hungary Jobs

Hungary has fast emerged as a destination with Business and Tourism Growth, which can be adequately termed as amongst the highest in the region.
A nostalgic Old-World Charm, with heritage buildings and cobbled walking streets, make Budapest seem like a Wonder town right out of the Fables and Fairy Tales. It’s genuinely a city that grows on you and makes you further fall in Love with itself, with each passing day.
A robust growth of Tourism and Industry has ensured an extremely strong and healthy economy, coupled with low competition to provide an unparalleled business atmosphere for prospective entrepreneurs

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Immigrate to Hungary

Our Immigration Specialists based out of Europe are adequately equipped to arrange for seamless Immigration option with suitable Employment options and an end-to-end support to settle the Immigrants processed through us.


  • Command over basic reading, writing & spoken English.

Process :

  • Submit your Resume along with passport copy and passport size photographs
  • Video Interview shall be conducted on Zoom/WhatsApp by Employer in Budapest
  • Shortlisted candidates will be required to send all documents.
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Positions available

Package Inclusions

Guaranteed Job in Hungary

Work permit fees

Accommodation in Hungary

Guaranteed Salary

Package Exclusions :

Citizenship by Investment In Grenada with the freedom to travel abroad
Grenada’s citizenship by investment programme is one of the newest programmes available to investors providing second citizenship and a passport offering visa-free travel to over 153 countries including the UK, EU Schengen countries and China. Grenada also offers USA E2 treaty investor visa for its citizens.
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The E-2 treaty ‘Investor Visa’ is signed between Grenada and the United States which allows citizens of Grenada to work/operate a substantial business in the U.S. and reside there. Many countries including China and India do not have an E-2 treaty with the USA. In such situations, investors can obtain citizenship of Grenada first and then apply for a USA E2 Visa. 

By making an investment of either $150,000 as a donation or $350,000 in a government designated real estate project, the applicant can get eligible for citizenship in Grenada. The applicant has to maintain the property investment in Grenada for at least 5 years.


Citizenship & Passport

This citizenship provides flexibility, mobility and security.

Visa Free Travel 153 Countries

By obtaining a second citizenship, the investor has more options and freedom to travel. Your travel privileges are valid for 5 years and easily renewed thereafter.

Apply to Work in the US

Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean which provides the opportunity to reside and work in the US.

Cost Effective for Children

Unlike any other programme in the Caribbean, Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme offer investors and their families superior privileges and security for a lifetime.

Vibrant cities that are home to migrants from multiple countries

Your siblings (unmarried & without children), spouse, children (below the age of 30) and parents are also eligible for the citizenship application.


From the date of submission of your application, approvals and processing can take between 90 to 120 days to complete.

Book an Immigration Consultant

If you have any queries, or if you want a dedicated, experienced professional to help you prepare and review your documents and forms, our expert immigration support is always available.